Construction Applications

On construction sites, DURA-BASE™ Composite Mat System can play a vital role by providing a safe, solid, yet temporary base for cranes, transport vehicles and staging areas. The ideal solution for soft or shifting soils and inadequate sub-grades, DURA-BASE™ Composite Mat System distributes the weight of extreme loads over an extensive surface area and keeps your equipment out of the mud.

Safety is always a priority at construction sites, so DURA-BASE™ was designed to protect personnel, equipment and ground surfaces from damage. The engineered surface is a perfect base upon which to construct scaffolding or platforms. The non-skid tread pattern enables tracked or wheeled vehicles to stop, turn and maneuver with ease. The interlocking pin mechanism brings stability, convenience and versatility to the matted area with multiple tab holes and a variety of configuration patterns. Let our technical service personnel assist you in creating the optimal mat placement for your project.

Whether you are constructing from the ground up or renovating an existing structure, DURA-BASE™ can enhance the overall job site with convenient access, stable platforms and clean work areas. Contractors, owners and tenants alike, who desire to keep facilities open for business during renovation, can be confident in DURA-BASE™ System's ability to present an image of safety and quality to the public.