Heavy Lift & Haulage

Heavy Lift & Haulage Applications

A stable base of operations is key to success of any heavy lift or haul project. DURA-BASE™ Composite Mat System is engineered to provide the ideal temporary foundation for stationary lift-cranes and mobile transport vehicles. The low profile (4.25 inches) and interlocking feature of the DURA-BASE™ System enables operators to lay-out, stack or re-configure the mats in the most optimal design for each task.

The ideal solution for soft or shifting soils and inadequate sub-grades, DURA-BASE™ Composite Mat System distributes the weight of extreme loads over extensive surface area and keeps your equipment out of the mud. DURA-BASE™ helps you save money on your project by reducing the risk of equipment damage, reducing transportation costs, and saving time through rapid emplacement and removal.

We understand that safety is critical to every job, so we designed DURA-BASE™ to endure extreme weather conditions and to stand up to abuse year-in and year-out. The mats also feature a tread pattern to provide traction for wheeled vehicles and a clean, safe surface for ground personnel. When it comes to safety for operators, equipment and work-site, you can depend on DURA-BASE™.