DURA-BASE™ Mat System

Matrax High-Density Composite Mats and Temporary Road Systems

Matrax Inc. is a solution-based design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company specializing in a range of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene plastic mats and flooring systems. Our products and expertise have been utilized domestically and internationally within industries that include  event flooring, natural and artificial turf protection, cross country construction, oil and gas exploration, and power transmission.


High-performance, Cost-Efficient Portable Event Flooring Designed for Fast Insatallation and Tear-down

Matrax mats’ primary purpose is to facilitate pedestrian and vehicular access in event locations such as stadiums, universities and national parks and into temporary work sites with difficult access due to unstable or soft soil conditions. Utilizing Matrax-developed polyethylene, foam-filled modular mats, temporary roads, platforms and pedestrian friendly surfaces can be constructed efficiently and cost effectively with minimal impact to environmentally sensitive areas and critical work zones. Other applications include spill containment at oil and gas drill sites and in other environmentally sensitive work zones.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we will consult with your organization to determine the best solution for your project or event. In addition, we can refine or develop new products and solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Matrax Spec Sheet

Light Duty Matting System







Overall Size

4’ x 4’

1.3m x 1.3m

Usable Area

13.5 sq. ft
3.6’ x 3.6’

4 sq. m
1m x 1m



3.81 cm


47.5 lbs

21.5 kg

Compression Strength
Based on an intermittent load on a 12’ x 12’ area

450 psi

3,100 kps

Maximum Wheel Load
Rubber Tire @>5mph with a minimum contact area of 9 sq.in over level surface @ 22°C

300 psi

2,068 kps

Maximum Deflection


7.6 cm

Temperature Range

-4°F  –  113°F

-20°C  -  45°C

Usable Area per Truckload

15,000 sq. ft
approx. 1000 mats

1,393.5 sq. m
approx. 1000 mats

Shipping & Storage:
[max pallet height not to exceed 42 inches]
24 mats per pallet  (4’ x 4’ - regular)   - or -   48 mats per pallet  (4’ x 8’ - large)

Rental Period

Rate / Mat / Day

(min. 3 calendar days)

$ 5.00

(min. 7 calendar days)

$ 3.00

(min. 30 calendar days)

$ 2.50