Mat System Rental Rates

Rates are based on a daily rental rate, per mat, over a specified rental period. Rates do not include installation, dismantling, transportation or potential site preparation costs or cleaning (if required). Rates are FOB our yard.

Please Contact Us so we may help determine your needs, and for pricing on extended rental periods or large area coverage.

Dura-Base® Composite Mats

Rental Period Rate/Mat/Day
Daily (Minimum 3 days) $15
Weekly (7 days) $12
Monthly $10
Quarterly $6
Usable Surface: 91 sq. ft. 7' x 13' x 4.25" (2.12m x 3.96m)
Overall Size: 8' x 14' x 4.25" (2.44m x 4.27m x 10.8cm)
Weight: 1050 ibs. (477kg)

Matrax High-Density Composite Mats
and Temporary Road Systems

Rental Period Rate/Mat/Day
Daily (minimum 3 calendar days) $5.00
Weekly (minimum 7 calendar days) $3.00
Monthly $2.50
Usable Surface: 13.5 sq ft, 3.6' x 3.6' x 2.75" (1m x 1m)
Overall Size: 48" x 48" x 1.5" (1.3m x 1.3m x 3.81cm)
Weight: 47.5 lbs. (21.5kg)