Waste & Disposal

Waste Facility Applications

Within a waste facility, DURA-BASE™ is there to provide an ideal temporary road surface. DURA-BASE™ provides for you stable roads and offloading pads, thereby reducing the need for extra equipment or intermediate handling of waste-material. Your vehicle won't bog down or rut the soil because DURA-BASE™ is able to distribute the weight of extreme loads over a large surface area. The result: safe operations, a clean facility, increased productivity and efficient use of equipment.

In the construction or expansion of a facility, DURA-BASE™ can be used to stabilize soft soils. While liners are installed between clay layers, DURA-BASE™ provides vehicles and equipment a safe, stable base of operations that can be mobilized, re-used and re-configured to best suit your operation. DURA-BASE™ reduces the amount of cover needed to protect the membrane layer once the liners have been installed over the cells. This allows vehicles stable access over sensitive areas while reducing overall production time and cost.